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2016 Year in review

In 2016 you made a big difference. If you are reading this, you did one of the following things and we say "Thank you" for it

  • made it possible for us to deliver Christmas presents to St Joseph's Children's Home in Kentucky and The Fathers House in Jamaica

  • helped Margot Weatherford and Heidi Fore teach business skills classes at Granville Place Of Safety and The Fathers House to teenagers living in group homes

  • gave donations to Robins Nest in the form of clothes, toys, money for education, hours of time working in the hot sun

  • prayed for children we serve

  • donated to Choose Live Lead so we could buy 2 computers for The Fathers House, and a projector screen for a classroom at Robins Nest

  • joined the KW Boca Raton and KW Boynton Beach offices when they volunteered at Robins Nest at KW Red Day

  • were part of the team with Jackie Ellis and Mary Kenyon when they highlighted the work we are doing in Jamaica at their Inspirational Breakfast

  • were part of Mark Olesh's team that brought us to share our story from the stage at South Florida Masterminds

  • volunteered with RVG at the high school graduation party at Home Of Innocents in Kentucky to celebrate the importance of high school education

Choose Live Lead Inc is the 501(c)3 charity that helps kids without parents in their lives get the education they need to succeed. It's what we do. It's who we serve. It's why we get up and work everyday. Thank you for being part of all that in 2016. This new year, 2017, will be even better. Here's how you can help us help teens without parents in their lives, and orphans, and foster kids:

  • volunteer with us in Kentucky USA or Jamaica or Uganda at orphanages or teaching teenagers business skills in our workshops

  • help fund our business skills class in Uganda, Jamaica and Kentucky USA

  • pray that we have the words we need to change the lives of those we teach

  • like and share our posts on facebook

We appreciate you.

On behalf of Choose Live Lead, Inc, a charity for education, we would like to thank you for your charitable donation towards our efforts in 2015 and 2016 and 2017. Your financial support helps us to continue living out our mission across the globe and assist children and teens without parents worldwide.

So what are the long-term goals of Choose Live Lead?

With the continued contributions of our financial partners across the globe, we will be able to strengthen our education efforts in Jamaica, Ethiopia, Uganda, Russia, Louisville, Kentucky and beyond, teaching youth across the globe to CHOOSE the actions that result in the lives that they want to LIVE so that they can LEAD their families, business and communities.

What is our vision for the future? Choose Live Lead will support an existing leadership academies, and purchase one with other organizations that are in line with our vision. We are searching for a leadership academy location that has fruit trees and vegetables on it, a classroom, dorms, and a room to manufacture products. Teenage orphans, foster children, or wards of the state, who exhibit leadership qualities will be chosen for the opportunity to live on the property, and develop the skills needed to provide for their families and live the life they choose for their future. Our intent is to develop leaders who can lead their communities and businesses and pass on the knowledge they learn here. When they graduate from our leadership academy with a job in the and savings in the bank, they will have a chance to live a life they choose. They will go into the world with confidence, knowing someone cares about their future. To fund this vision and support out ongoing work in orphan homes around the world please donate by clicking here.

How can I get involved outside of financial contributions?

We welcome volunteers to come to Jamaica and assist in one of the children’s homes we serve, teach classes in Ethiopia or Russia or Jamaica or Kentucky. You can also volunteer at the Christmas party or graduation party, where we celebrate with high school grads from Boys and Girls Haven and Home Of The Innocents. Another great charity we support is St. Joseph Children’s Home. If you are interested in volunteering at any of our locations, please feel free to contact us at the following email address

We thank you for your contributions and your prayers. We are grateful for what you are able to give in support of our efforts, both locally and across the globe. With gratitude, The board of directors at Choose Live Lead Inc.

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