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Workbook Table Of Contents

Choose. Live. Lead.

This Lessons Book is an assembly of life lessons from many sources and people and their experiences. The first section is how to make good choices for ourselves. The second section is on living a life we have chosen. Then after we have made those good choices, and are living the life we want, we can lead others around us to help them have a better life and make a difference in our piece of the world.

Lesson 1, How I see myself: Our lives are a sum of the habits and conversations we choose everyday over many years from this point forward. Choices and habits become who we are. Knowing who I am, who I am not and who I want to be as a person is the basis of what my life becomes.

Lesson 2, How I see my future and what I want to have someday: I will create a Vision Board of what my life will look like if I make good choices. I will find out the daily habits, important choices and conversations I will have that will get me there.

Lesson 3, How I see people in my life: Who I hang around matters, so I should choose my friends and who I love carefully. I know the importance of conversations, forgiveness and self confidence.

Lesson 4, How I see money: I will think about how I will choose to make money and how I will choose to spend money in a smart way.

Lesson 5, How I see the world around me: I know how to change my attitude. I know how to use affirmations. I choose to have a positive philosophy on life.

Lesson 6, Achieving goals: I will make a map of where I want to go in life and where I don’t want to be. I know how to deal with failure and success to stay on my path to my truly perfect life.

Lesson 7, Business skills: I will choose my career path based on my values and strengths. I will learn interviewing skills and I will make a resume.

Lesson 8, Business skills: Make a difference in your community by starting your own business.

Lesson 9, Life skills: I choose good choices, habits and behaviors of what I do to my body. I will be healthy physically and emotionally.

Lesson 10, Leadership skills: I lead others when I lead my family.

Lesson 11, Leadership skills: I can make a difference in the world. I can make a difference in my community.

Lesson 12, How I will choose, live and lead my life from this point forward: We will put together all the things we learned in this class to set goals for the future. We will become leaders of our future.

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