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2020 - The year we didn't teach classes

Ugh. This year has been hard for everybody. We all know that. It's been hard on everybody in different ways. For children's homes, who take care of kids who have been removed from their families, it's been hard financially. For kids and teens who already have emotional trauma, it's been even harder to be isolated, cut off from a world that already wasn't normal life. It's been hard. Usually this time of year, our organization is teaching classes to teens and young adults who are aging out of group homes/residential care facilities. We teach how to set goals for the new year ahead. We teach about having dreams and budgeting money. We teach teens and young adults how to make healthy decisions, empowering decisions. We teach how to plan for bright futures - how to CHOOSE actions that lead to a life where they can LIVE independent from addictions and bad relationships and then go on to LEAD their families, businesses, and communities. We couldn't teach those classes this year. Instead, we found out what childrens homes needed, and donated to them so they could get the supplies they need. When you donate to our charity, we find out where the needs are around the world. Sometimes our time is needed. Sometimes money is needed more than our time. Some of the things we bought for childrens homes over the years include textbooks for school, backpacks to go to school, uniforms to go to school, and we helped pay for a transition home to be purchased for young adults to move into as they age out of the system. No matter what happens in the world around us, our organization finds out what is needed to make life better for kids in the foster care/government care systems around the world and we help them.


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