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2022 Donations needed for children's home in Jamaica

The kids at Robin's Nest Children's Home need the following supplies. If you would like to buy them supplies and clothes, please give the items to Kristin Brockett, Mark Brockett, Sean Fore or Heidi Fore. They will take the items to Jamaica on March 19th and give them to the home.

Printer Cartridge hp 664XL black & tri color

Printer Cartridge hp 964 or 964XL magenta, cyan, yellow

Printer Cartridge hp 964, 964XL or 968XL black

Thermal Laminating Pouches (8.9x11.4 in) Construction Paper Crafts (pre packaged for older children)

8 full size toothpastes Full size toothbrushes Deodorant (such as Secret and Men’s Dial) Razors Medical Gloves (even some small size) Masks

Clothes 3T and 4T boys play clothes (short & long sleeve t-shirts, shorts & sweatpants)

3T and 4T boys underwear

3T and 4T black socks

Training bras

Size 1 boys sandals

Casual everyday dress size 12

Size 12 toddler boys sandals

Boys play clothes sizes 8-10

Girls play clothes sizes 4 T, 5T, 6, 8-10

Athletic sandals all kids sizes toddler to age 15


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